Name: Brad Writer


• Photographer.

• Freelance Audio/Video Producer.


Audio Production

  • 10 years freelance experience. 
  • Proficient with Logic Pro 9 (Loops/Beats/Multitrack productions)
  • Roland VS1824 (24bit Digital Workstation - Multitrack production)
  • Tascam Porta Two Ministudio (Cassette Tape Multitrack productions)

• Video Production

  • 3 years freelance experience. 
  • Proficient with Adobe Premiere CS5.5, and Final Cut Pro 7.0 editing suites. 
  • 2-camera setup; Panasonic HVX100 and GoPro Hero3 Black Edition
  • Examples of my work can be viewed on my YouTube channel or Vimeo.

- My video production highlightsvimeo.com/killertimes

- My video production archivesyoutube.com/KillerTimesPresents


  • I’ve been taking pictures since I was teenager- late 90’s, but I bought my first DSLR in 2008. To date, I have 43,000+ photos digitally archived.
  • Digital: Nikon D60-DSLR camera w/ various lenses, and 6 years experience with Adobe Photoshop-currently using CS5.5)
  • Film: Various 35mm cameras (SLR’s, rangefinders, cheap plastic, vintage) and experience with processing/developing black and white film in a dark room environment.
  • Examples of my work can be viewed on my Flickr and Blogger.

• My photography blogwriterphotography.blogspot.com/

• My photography archives: flickr.com/photos/killertimes/sets

Boss DJs (musician collective)

  • Over 4 years dj experience with the Boss DJs of Westminster, Maryland. Spinning only vinyl at house shows, bars, clubs, dance halls, basements, backyards, and living rooms within a 35-mile radius. 
  • 1000+ records in my collection at one point, but I thinned down to less than 800 currently.
  • I published a book about the Boss DJs; a 40 page photographic timeline. The book can be previewed/purchased at http://www.blurb.com/boss-djs
  • To find out more about the Boss DJs, visit:

- Boss DJs blog: bossdjs.tumblr.com/

- Boss DJs photo album: flickr.com/photos/killertimes/sets

Drums: self-taught since 2006. I’m okay. Played in The Plastics, and Misuser

• To find out more about The Plastics, visit:

•To find out more about Misuser, visit: misuser.bandcamp.com/

Bass Guitar: self-taught since mid-2000’s. I’m okay-to-fair. Played in Dustpan.

• I’ve been writing and recording music since 2002. I worked to get two Technic 1200s because I was infatuated with scratching and turntablism. Then I started making beats on my computer using Fruity Loops and Cool Edit Pro. Then I got into recording other people’s music/bands. Then I got some guitars. Then I bought a drum kit from my step-dad. Then I joined a band. All of which lead to me writing and recording my own weird songs, loops and soundscapes.

  Over a decade of gear collecting, complimentary recording sessions, trial-and-error projects testing theory, and random fits of motivation have produced a decent catalog of work. The range of examples testifies versatility. I keep current music profiles across the internet. I use Bandcamp for my music with live instruments, guitar/drums/indie rock stuff. Then there’s my Soundcloud, where I post my beats, loops, raps, mixtapes, side projects, etc. I’m working on a datpiff account, hoping to upload some conceptual mixtapes in the spring/summer of 2013.

Web Design:

I’ve been building various blogs for my audio/visual projects and media productions since 2008.

I strive to develop my portfolio of work and aspire to grow as an artist.