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Austin, Texas


     8th post, and almost halfway home. The drive from Roswell, NM to Austin, TX was a little over 9 hours long. The driving scenery was brown, barren, and wide open. The towns we drove through were small; this made me think about what opportunities the youth had growing up in these environments. Naturally, I compared this perspective to my own environment and felt lucky. Carroll County has a variety of areas that have the same small town feel, but we at least we have hills for sleigh riding in winter. I also noticed some interesting names on road signs of counties in Texas. Names like “Glasscock”, “Coke”, and “Tom Green” were amongst the most memorable. It was dark by the time we reached the city limits, and the traffic was fast and dense. I hated it. I was tired and hungry and the long drive had taken its toll on me. The area we were staying in was surrounded by motels, hotels, highways and ramps. Trying to get some food around the area we were in sucked, nothing but dumb chain restaurants. We settled for Buffalo Wild Wings. I did not enjoy the dining experience, the food was mediocre and the televisions were annoying. The night was spent like most others, watching Adult Swim in bed with Randi and the cats. The next morning we drove into the city to get a picture of the Daniel Johnston mural. There were some creeps walking by as I was investigating the parking meter machine. The one guy said something like “Hey, I’m not from around here, my girlfriend is in the morgue, can you tell me where that is?” I just pretended like I didn’t know he was looking/talking to me. We got the picture and got the hell out of the city. We stopped right outside of the city limits to get gas and a hot breakfast. We went to Subway, I’ve never had breakfast there before. There was only one girl working, she was black and super friendly. I told her we were from Baltimore and were heading back home after a long road trip. She excitedly cheered, saying that she was from Baltimore, then refrained and said that Baltimore wasn’t really something to cheer about. She said it had the 3 “C’s”- Crime, Crack, and Crabs. I laughed and agreed that it was a pretty tough city, and that we were actually from the outskirts of city. She ended up hooking us up with the food, the bill was only like 4 bucks, and we got two huge flatbread sandwiches, drinks and chips- it should’ve been like almost 10 bucks though. We ate the food then hit the road for another 9+ hour drive, our destination was Little Rock, Arkansas.

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