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Little Rock, Arkansas


     9th post, and we’re stopping in Arkansas, “The Natural State” or “The Land of Opportunity” - according to license plates. Our specific destination was Little Rock, I hadn’t done any research, but I recall it being Bill Clinton’s “hometown.” We arrived at the motel in the dark, and fortunately weren’t as exhausted as the previous night- so we had a little bit of energy to find a decent place to eat some hot food. We decide to get some BBQ, it seemed fit for the region we were in. We found good reviews on a place called Whole Hog Cafe- World Champion Barbecue. It was only a few minutes away, and when we got there, the parking lot smelled awesome- like seasoned smoked meats. We went in and it wasn’t very busy, the interior had a vibe similar to Gary and Dells Crab House back at home. Randi and I shared a platter that had pulled pork, beef brisket, baby back ribs, beans, potato salad, coleslaw, and a dinner roll. Each table had a 6-pack of original sauces- we sampled all of them and picked our favorites. The meats didn’t need any sauces though, they were moist and flavorful. The sides were reminiscent of homemade style. The experience as a whole was 5-star. On our way back to the motel, we stopped at a gas station and got some beers. I put them in the sink back at the room, and covered them with some free ice from the machines in the lobby. The area we were in had a weird vibe, kinda sketchy. There was a vehicle parked a few spots down from ours that had its rear window missing, like it was smashed out. There was another car that had a side window missing, but it was taped up with some plastic though. The next day, we stopped at a WAFFLE HOUSE for some breakfast. Randi had never eaten at one of these places before, and I had once in Louisville, KY. The breakfast was made right in front of us with fresh ingredients and was served fast. For most of the expedition, we just got free coffee at the motel lobby and ate breakfast bars and snacks all day while driving. Then we would buy a meal for dinner once we arrived at our stopping point. However, the past two days we ate a real breakfast before we would hit the road, and it helped get through the day without getting as irritable. We hit the road and headed for our last stopping point, Lexington, Kentucky. It was to be our last night in a motel, before we would arrive back in Westminster, MD. 

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