Dec 5, 2012 / 1 note

Feel Right At Home


     10th post, and the last of this expedition. Randi and I left Arkansas and arrived in Lexington, Kentucky in the dark. We were tired, and glad that it was the last night of sleeping in a motel room. We got settled in the room and just said to hell with going to some interesting food spot- we just walked across the street to the Arby’s. The prices seemed cheaper than the Arby’s in Westminster too. After that, we walked to the gas station and bought a 12-pack of Modelo beers. I put them on ice in the sink back at the room and caught a good buzz with Randi, watching Adult Swim for the rest of the night. It seemed like throughout this entire journey, I was able to just walk into any gas station, or convenience store, at anytime of day and buy alcohol. This has felt like such a luxury, because back home in Westminster, it was only possible to buy from a designated liquor store that was only open until 10pm. The next morning, Randi and I walked across the street and ate some breakfast at McDonald’s. I tried my best to avoid fast food during this whole experience, but I just didn’t care at this point, and it was definitely satisfying. We hit the road, homebound for Westminster. Driving through western Maryland was nice. I was excited about getting home to the leafless trees and cold weather. I’ve been kind of suppressing the feeling of failure- feeling like I gave up real fast out west- feeling stupid for not seeing the reality of the situation- and dreading having to talk to anyone about how “it didn’t work out.” But I’ve been trying my best to keep my chin up, and reflect positivity from this entire experience. I honestly feel like I got what I wanted out of this dream of living out west. I feel like I just jumped ahead a year or two by coming back to Maryland- like I planned on doing anyway-eventually. I’m excited about getting back into my network of friends and family. I’ve got a lot of plans, ideas, and goals that I can accomplish now that I’m back around where it’s happening. I’m very passionate about documenting the local music and art scene- there’s a lot going on and I want to help share it with people. I’m eager to continue with my music, photography, video production, and the gazillion other things I want to produce. However, employment is a pressing matter, and unfortunately is consuming most of my immediate attention. After I get some sort of financial stability though, I hope my anxiety calms down and my creativity flourishes. Keep on keepin’ on!

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